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08-Dec-2017 16:37

Eventually,after the daughter started college, I got a job and we both moved on.They have thanked us recently for helping them through the divorce.Household and house maintenance arrangements, and ground rules, must be absolutely clear, and each parent must closely stick to the agreed-upon arrangements; over time, as they settle into the new lifestyle, more flexible arrangements are possible.A clearly drafted co-parenting plan or negotiated schedule at the outset is essential.As with all co-parenting arrangements, it is vital that social institutions such as the courts and legal system, school systems, and social welfare institutions actively support co-parents in bird nesting arrangements.This is of paramount importance if parents are going to achieve success to the benefit of their children.

I have not seen this arrangement work well in any cases where there was post-divorce friction between parents.And the level of discomfort they are likely to experience may be significant, especially in light of their desire to have complete independence from their former spouse.Yet as more parents recognize that bird nesting is clearly the best arrangement for their children, the number of bird nesters is steadily rising.In addition, parents do not have to purchase two sets of toys and clothing for the children as they would if children are rotating between two households.

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If parents opt to maintain two different residences apart from the family home, they have to factor in the additional expense; the cost of maintaining three residences will be prohibitive for many.We rotated and each had the equal amount of time with the children.My ex husband paid the bills as he had the job and I had been a stay-at-home mom.It is a novel yet sensible arrangement, as children experience much less disruption in their lives and routines than having to shuttle and adapt to completely new living arrangements.

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