Dating violence history

27-Sep-2017 14:24

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Although these studies reveal domains of risk associated with TDV perpetration, it is challenging to translate these findings into a preventive framework.

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Retention rates from wave 1 were the following: wave 2: 92.5%; wave 3: 85.8%; wave 4: 74.5%; wave 5: 67.0%; and wave 6: 72.7%.However, area under the curve (AUC) statistics may not adequately capture the incremental impact of additional indicators.Instead, reclassification analyses may be a more sensitive approach for determining whether a novel indicator should be included within a multi-indicator screening approach.Formal tests of incremental validity can help prioritize the most salient risk factors for TDV perpetration.

Traditionally, receiver operating characteristic (ROC) approaches are preferred to solely using regression-based techniques to determine the appropriateness of a screening protocol.

Adolescents responded with yes or no to questions about their own behavior in their lifetime (wave 1) and in the past year (wave 2–wave 6).

Mar 25, 2018. Among these details, however, was another key piece of information Like many mass shooters, Cruz had a history of violence against women. One Stoneman Douglas student, Victoria Olvera, told the Associated Press after the attack that Cruz was allegedly abusive to an ex-girlfriend and fought her new.… continue reading »

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