Dating violence prevention posters

19-Apr-2017 10:45

and we have tons of amazing activities planned all month long.Help us celebrate healthy relationships and join us in taking action to help spread awareness and prevent dating violence!Here’s how you can help: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates -- we’ll be hosting in Los Angeles, CA and Washington, DC -- and tell your family and friends that everyone deserves a healthy and respectful relationship!Community outreach fulfills an important function by increasing public awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault while distributing resources available to assist victims and their families.Please contact Pat Kwetkauskie at (302) 255-0410 to request copies.The DVCC continuously endeavors to promote awareness of the perils of dating violence and the importance of healthy relationships.

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The New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (OPDV) is pleased to offer the following ideas and resources for schools and communities to raise awareness of Teen Dating Violence." has been the flagship program on the Connecticut Network, and while we are saddened to see it come to an end, all of us at the Connecticut Public Affairs Network (CPAN) are incredibly proud of the extensive historical archive we have developed through the course of Capitol Report's brilliant run," stated CPAN President & CEO Paul Giguere."Citizens can journey back through Connecticut state government history through on-demand access to the 558 weekly episodes dating back to 2006.I commend them."Awareness and Prevention Campaigns are created by the Operation for HOPE Foundation in partnership with an organization or agency in the prevention and awareness of relationship violence and in providing information about how to access resources in a given community. We Can Help.” The focus and expectation of each campaign is to “grab the attention” of a local community, State, or the Nation and to provide important information about seeking services.

Awareness and Prevention Campaigns are creating National Awareness about relationship violence and providing information about how to break cycles of violence.11” x17” posters are distributed and displayed at business storefronts, lobbies of non-profit organizations, libraries, hospitals, bus stops, schools, coffee shops, churches, synagogues, and at many other locations.Posters are not sold but rather freely distributed to create awareness in the prevention of violence.If you’re a business owner, a community partner or the neighbor next door, we need your help distributing posters in the community.