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16-Jul-2017 17:48

Watch while politcal and geographical boundaries shift like quicksilver as the Western world “discovers” new lands, new waterways, and new civilizations over the centuries. Before the camera, we relied on artists to provide images of far-away lands and exotic flora and fauna, to show us what famous (and infamous) people looked like, and to capture the essence of pivotal events and encounters.

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So when we were working on this we would look at the images and say “which one is more alive?

” and that would be the one that was right for the Globe.’At the centre of the new identity is the logo, an image that at first looks like a simple circle.

The new identity is the work of The Partners, an international branding agency whose team spent a year immersed in the culture of the Globe.‘We did this wonderful philosophical enquiry,’ says The Partners’ Creative Director Nick Eagleton, who co-led the team alongside Design Director Katherina Tudball.

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This was the realisation that the Globe, described in the prologue to as ‘this wooden O’, isn’t actually a circle. And as soon as we started working with this distinctive shape we realised it was something ownable.’Once the creatives had the 20-sided shape as a concept, they began to explore its possibilities.

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‘But what came out shows an incredible grain,’ says Tudball, ‘the level of detail is amazing.’This hand-crafted image is now the Globe’s logo, and if you look closely enough you can see the pattern of the grain in the printed versions, alongside the spaces left by the original cracks in the oak.

You may also notice on new brochures and posters that the logo has no fixed place, but interacts with images ‘so that all the action emanates from the symbol of the theatre’, as Tudball puts it.

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