Dating your spouse

17-Feb-2018 19:33

You spend a lot of your life thinking about, fretting over and just plain craving a solid relationship.

From first sight, you're wondering how you want any encounter with the opposite sex to play out-whether you hope to see them again or pray they'll never be able to track down your phone number.

Though dating a cheater could seem like a bad idea for some people, the reality is that they're actually fun to meet.

Believe it or not, tons of couples these days experience cheating at some point in their lives; it could be that the other partner finds that the relationship has lost all of its former luster and that it's time to find someone new.

One of the most important roles of a spouse, husband or wife, is to lift each other up; especially when things are hard.

Here are some things you can do to lift up your partner during a difficult period in their life: Ken Myers is a father, husband, and entrepreneur.

Statistics show that if it happens once, it will probably happen again. Has he done something that you can never forgive or forget? If he has stepped so far over those boundaries that it has threatened your relationship, you can't stay with him. It's wrong when your husband or boyfriend refuses to give up dating despite your committed relationship. In a time when AIDS is the world's fastest-spreading epidemic, infidelity can be life-threatening. Do you feel as if you're walking in a minefield and you don't know what will set him off? People who lack self-confidence assert themselves by controlling the lives of others.

He may not be physically abusing you, but mental and emotional abuse can be as damaging. Each day, 3,000 women are infected with HIV and 500 women die of AIDS. He has an obvious problem if he consistently uses drugs or alcohol, gambles more than he can afford to lose or takes too many risks. The two of you should be able to work out problems together. They take command of every aspect of you-from what you wear and eat to how you act in public and raise your children.

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Perhaps the relationship can be saved with some effort. "These guys are bad news," they say, "so get out." But each of the women justifies their partner's actions.

Does he tell you that you'll never be able to find someone else? If he's unwilling to seek professional help and stay straight, your situation will not improve until you pack up and go. But if he needs to constantly work them out with new-found friends instead of you, it may not be the right relationship for either of you. A relationship involves two people, each with his or her own voice. You suspect your partner has very real psychological or psychiatric problems and represents a possible threat to himself, you or others.

You've spoken with him, and perhaps even gone so far as to stage an intervention.

If the two of you click, the relationship builds and secrets are shared and affection grows.

Maybe it's love or maybe it's passion, but after such intimacy, it's very difficult to break things off when the relationship takes a downturn.Unfaithful partners may leave the house right after their shower, just to have breakfast with someone else. He says he has to take a business trip, even though his company's travel budget has been slashed.Business trips that use to be short now start on Friday and require an entire weekend because he says he likes get settled in his hotel room and use the alone-time to prepare for Monday's presentation.His job and his paycheck are the same but his workload seems to have doubled. And why won't he discuss the details of that huge, time-consuming project he's now on?

Remember that you began as friends. Your earliest moments as a couple likely included plenty of conversation, laughter, and fun. Your foundation of.… continue reading »

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