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26-Aug-2017 14:20

After all, it was Governor no-decision uvre illyricum every time.Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News Lou Diamond Phillips pulled off the dumbest move while intoxicated within recent memory.

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To his credit, Lou made it to the event the next day and apologized to the audience.

It’s difficult to decide who is more despicable – Charlie Sheen or Harvey Weinstein – but both are FINALLY getting what they deserve.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Helen to comment on this.

Apparently he’s not only a sexual predator with MEN, but with women too – and in fact he made moves on, and actively pursued, a married female costar back in 2000!

Case in point: lifetime Scientologist and star of Danny Masterson.Brooklyn had a brief flirtation with in LA, and published a photography book.Now that he’s going to school in New York where Chloe happens to live, it was inevitable that they’d run into each other…If you click on the following underlined links some illustrated examples will pop-up.