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Impulsivity is the tendency to act on impulse -- that is, without forethought about the appropriateness or consequences of the action.

"Commentary: Racial Bias in Diagnosis and Medication of Mentally Ill Minorities in Prisons and Communities." Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law 32 (2004): 34-35.

Psychopaths tend to be highly suspicious or paranoid, even compared to people with antisocial personality disorder.

After a new edition of the book was put out by Persephone, the publishers of neglected fiction, Lee was given it to read by a friend while she was undergoing chemotherapy in hospital.“It was a fantastically good distracting read,” she tells me when I meet her (fully recovered) on the Manchester set.

This research suggests that this may be particularly true for females falling into the average range of IQ and who, as a group, typically tend to display fewer disruptive behavioral outbursts than their male peers (Dworzynski et al.

In line with these studies, which widen the context by which behavioral manifestations of autism are considered by considering population-based phenomena, the present study further extends continuum-based perspectives of ASD-related behaviors in a large population based sample of children between 17 and 30 months.For example, the positive correlation between intellectual disability and severity of symptoms (Carter et al.), combined with the fact that males are more prone to developmental delay have led some to hypothesize that the higher prevalence of autism in males stems from a greater risk of developmental disability (Boyle et al.The exact nature of this relationship is unclear, and studies have found evidence that sex differences in cognitive performance, adaptive abilities and repetitive behaviors do not appear to be ASD specific, but instead bear a closer resemblance to those found in typically developing children (Messinger et al.According to 2 Peter -20, God's way is totally contradictory to the way the world says unmarried couples should act.