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09-Dec-2017 06:31

“It will be a nightmare, and further undermine trust and teamwork among our employees!” They continued, “We will be punishing people for having relationships with each other—relationships that should be none of our business anyway!Cannada, MD Healer Hospital is considering a zero-tolerance policy for physician-nurse relationships, which will presumably extend to physician-physician relationships and those between other hospital personnel.The workplace is frequently the site of consensual romantic relationships between adults.

He proposed penalties for those who violated the policy, including transfer from a department or even dismissal from the hospital.

“We have received some very disturbing complaints about physicians showing favoritism to certain nurses, or nurses and physicians carrying on tense and destructive interactions following romantic relationships that went sour,” the hospital president, Dr. “Such issues corrode collegial relationships and teamwork, and, ultimately, it’s the patients who suffer.

Karamihan sa kanila ay natawa at hindi makapaniwalang maging si Soltes na dating staff ni Robredo noong ito ay kongresista pa lamang sa Camarines Sur ay pagdidiskitahan ng grupong nasa likod ng “We Are Collective.” READ SPD police nanguna sa 'Station of the Cross' ngayong Good Friday.… continue reading »

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