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It works with special algorithms that match users with potential dates.During the drive, we will pass by Paseo de Gracia, one of the most famous and well known avenues in Barcelona, where we will be able to admire two of the best well known art pieces of the catalan architect Gaudí: the "Casa Batlló" and the "Casa Milá" or "Pedrera".The modern-day fairytale that never loses its magic, serving as a consolation prize for women everywhere (“Oh, you thought your Valentine’s Day was bad? In February, he comes to visit me in New York, where I introduce him to my brother and his wife.Well, let me tell you..”) While I’m holding on to details until they are somehow monetizable (kiddingnotkidding), here is the brief rundown. Let’s call him Prince Charming, for shits n’ giggles. Apparently, this is where it all becomes too much for him. A year has passed and I am currently on the coldest mountain in America with my French boyfriend who happens to hate Valentine’s Day as much as I do.

On Valentine’s Day he came back with the following message. ) 2017 – And now, the pièce de résistance, kids, the stuff youthful dreams are made of. Following a trip that I have now successfully blocked out of my head, Prince Charming and I return to the Western Hemisphere as a couple.

To my credit, I have quite the impressive track record, which I once spotlighted in a post circa 2014. On February 14 I come home to find my apartment void of MOMA cards or hipster potted plants any other romantic gesture that I had oh-so-naively hoped for.

Little did I know that it was then only a WIP, a trajectory that was sub ject to evolve until it finally hit a record low at this exact time last year. My girlfriend and I got to Comedy Cellar where the host spotlights us as token lesbians, then as token desperate chicks. I dump all his stuff in a garbage bag and take it Fed Ex, where I pay to ship it to his house but get free therapy from the Fed Ex guy as a consolation prize.

Had I known that it would be the most romantic gesture I would experience in the next decade, maybe things would have worked out differently. Apparently, wanting a nice dinner (where I didn’t have to pay for both of us) made me a part of this conspiracy.


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2004 – My first somewhat-boyfriend, 10 years my senior, comes over with a polyester teddy bear from Rite Aid. 2009 – I’m dating my Big First Love and it’s our first Valentine’s Day together., which also doubles as our 3-month anniversary. 2016 – I’m back in New York and exploring the boundless horizons of Raya, which is how I meet the owner of a popular NYC vegan cookie brand.

YOGA, WALKING AND RELAXATION IN FISHBOURNE (April 30th) Enjoy stretching your body and learning some yoga moves in preparation for your walk along the beach. WALKING WITH LLAMAS AND ALPACAS (April 30th) A scenic walk around our farm with your own llama or alpaca. Ideal for co-ordination and balance, promoting control of both body and mind. Walk starts and finishes at the Fisherman’s Cottage Shanklin stopping for coffee at the Beach Café, Sandown. Lawrence to the top of the Undercliff finishing at Whitwell. WALK THE WIGHT – FULL WALK (May 15th) Walk the Wight is a 26½ mile cross-Island sponsored walk in aid of patient care at the Earl Mountbatten Hospice.