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Subparagraph (b)(3), added to former Rule 2 in 1964 and carried forward into Rule 101 in 1967, set 40 days as the return day on service made under section 16 of the Civil Practice Act.Effective July 1, 1971, this provision was amended to substitute for “40 days” the somewhat more flexible provision “not less than 40 days or more than 60 days.” The provision of paragraph (b) of this rule permitting specific instructions under the heading “Notice to Defendant” has probably not been adequately implemented by the judges of the trial courts.(e) Summons in Cases under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.In all proceedings under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, the summons shall include a notice on its reverse side referring to a dissolution action stay being in effect on service of summons, and shall state that any person who fails to obey a dissolution action stay may be subject to punishment for contempt, and shall include language: (1) restraining both parties from physically abusing, harassing, intimidating, striking, or interfering with the personal liberty of the other party or the minor children of either party; and (2) restraining both parties from concealing a minor child of either party from the child’s other parent.

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**(To be completed by the person sending the notice.) Date for answering complaint must be at least 60 days from the date on which the request is sent, or 90 days if the defendant is addressed outside the United States. The use of the wrong form of summons shall not affect the jurisdiction of the court. Effective August 3, 1970, the ,000 limit was changed to , return the summons or file proof of service does not invalidate the summons or the service thereof, if had. If the plaintiff furnishes a post card, the officer or other person making service of the summons, immediately upon return of the summons, shall mail to the plaintiff or his attorney the post card indicating whether or not service has been had, and if so on what date.Committee Comments (Revised July 1, 1971) This is former Rule 3, as it existed prior to January 1, 1964, without change of substance, except for the deletion of the last paragraph, which provided for writs made returnable to justices of the peace, If the failure to exercise reasonable diligence to obtain service on a defendant occurs after the expiration of the applicable statute of limitations, the dismissal shall be with prejudice as to that defendant only and shall not bar any claim against any other party based on vicarious liability for that dismissed defendant’s conduct.(d) Summons Requiring Appearance Within 30 Days After Service.