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Ignore these flags at your own risk, and remember; another day wasted on deadbeat users is another day lost with your perfect mate. Above Image via Flickr Creative Commons, donated by Anonymous.

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In my last post, I talked about how I refused to date anyone outside of a 20-mile radius. Dating close to home will weed out a lot of cheaters. They don’t want to chance being spotted on a date by people who would recognize them. This guy doesn’t want an ugly catfight on his home turf when he’s spotted with his next date. Find the “perfect” woman, but she never wants to talk, only text? Current relationships usually get the premium relationship real estate—evenings and weekends.

So when you get a message from that gorgeous guy who lives 400 miles away, but he’s looking to move to your city and wants to meet someone to date? Red Flag #5—Beware of Funky, Difficult to Remember User Names Want to talk to DFWGolfer? And if she does ever talk on the phone, she can’t talk in the evenings or on weekends because she’s just so busy? When a person can’t give you those, something’s not right. Life is short, so stay clear of these time-wasters.

Eyes are also the part of the face most easily recognized by others, regardless of aging, hair color or weight changes. Red Flag #6—Beware the Weekday Dater Meet someone on-line and they seem perfect? You met for a Tuesday cup of coffee and the fireworks crackled? He can’t see you on weekends because he a) has to work b) has to study for some stressful professional exam c) takes care of Great Aunt Ola. If this guy is only available for weekday dating, good chance he’s hiding something…like a girlfriend or wife. Red Flag #7—Beware the Terminal Texter Phone calls matter.

Cheaters want to fly below radar, so often their ONE image will be them wearing bad-boy sunglasses or starlet shades. Red Flag #4—Beware of “Commuters” Yes, geography matters. Phone calls during the evening and on weekends are crucial. also happens to be when her husband is home from work. Remember, players and cheaters are juggling a current relationship and the next victim (possibly YOU).

Because you blew me away' - set the tone for the rest of their not very clever and slightly nerdy sweet nothings and sparked the start of some very non-holy chat between the pair.

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Just because a guy says he’s “looking to settle down,” doesn’t mean he isn’t using that line to gut-hook the foolish.The first line did have a slightly religious theme - 'Hey baby, are you an angel?Because I'm allergic to feathers.'However what followed - 'Hey baby did you just fart?Oddly enough, this is one of the best reasons why on-line dating can be a true life-saver.