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Its population is approximately 90,000, a third of which lives in its capital, Mytilene, in the southeastern part of the island.

The remaining population is distributed in small towns and villages.

Eleven million olive trees cover 40% of the island together with other fruit trees.

Forests of mediterranean pines, chestnut trees and some oaks occupy 20%, and the remainder is scrub, grassland or urban. Tourism in Mytilene, encouraged by its international airport and the coastal towns of Petra, Plomari, Molyvos and Eresos, contribute substantially to the economy of the island.

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[edit] Climate The island has a mild Mediterranean climate.Its shape is roughly triangular, but it is deeply intruded by gulfs of Kalloni, with an entry on the southern coast, and Gera, in the southeast.[1] The island is forested and mountainous with two large peaks, Mt. Olympus (967 m (3,173 ft)), dominating its northern and central sections.[2] The islands volcanic origin is manifested in several hot springs and two principal volcanic harbors.Lesbos is verdant, aptly named Emerald Island, with a greater variety of flora than expected for the island's size.Contents [hide] [edit] Geography Satellite photo of Lesbos (1995).

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Topography Facing the Turkish coast (Gulf of Edremit) from the north and east; at the narrowest point, the strait is about 5.5 km (3.4 mi) wide.It is separated from Turkey by the narrow Mytilini Strait.Administratively, it forms part of the Lesbos Prefecture.Who cares, she won me tons of cash at UCONN, with the Mercury, she's the consumate winner, I personally don't care if she's into men, women, space aliens or barnyard animals with big donkey kongs.