Differences between british american dating Chat rooms young se

02-Jan-2018 08:00

The American Christian comprises 78.5 percent where the Protestants comprise of 51.3 percent, the Roman Catholic comprises of 23.9 percent, the Mormon comprises 1.7 percent and other Christians comprise 1.6 percent.The Jewish religion comprises of only 1.7 percent, the Buddhist comprise of 0.7 percent, the Muslim religion comprises of 0.6 percent of the Americans, the unaffiliated comprises of 12.1% of the Americans, the unspecified Americans comprise of 2.5% and there is a 4% of the Americans who do not belong to any religion (CIA, 2002).The Syrians on the other hand are mostly Greek Orthodox.Other Syrians are Catholics who are sub-divided into different types depending on their language and the way that the church services are conducted and also the belief in papal infallibility. There are also Syrian Muslims who came into the United States after 1965 and are divided into various sects.You can view samples of our professional work here.

Some genres are polyphonic of the music of Syrian but most of it is homophonic.The Syrian culture involves the culture of the Syrians who are the citizens of the United States of the Syrian nationality or ancestry and also the Syrians living in Syria.The culture of the Syrians is their own culture that they were practicing in their indigenous place while the American culture includes ideals, values, arts, traditions, customs, beliefs and innovations that were developed both locally and imported through immigration and colonization from the British Isles.Syrian music is known because of the predominance of the vocal music.

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