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10-Feb-2018 15:24

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It all felt very daunting, a silent battle we endured in private before Eva was even born.Hardly anyone knew how many hurdles we had to clear – drafting legal contracts, creating embryos, social-worker screenings – or how much mental energy it consumed. Using the surrogate's own eggs is not advised because, under Canadian law, she'd have more right to claim the child should she try.The more distance I get from those chaotic first months, the more epiphanies I have.Eva turned one year old this week, and I understand, now, just how lucky Matt and I are to even have a child, and I've grown ever more grateful to the women who participated in her creation.Eva arrived at a.m., the morning after a snowfall, and there was no time to make up for the all-nighter we'd just pulled. Other, deeper issues presented themselves as more time passed.Over 10 months of paternity leave, I discovered that being a primary caregiver is often an onerous, thankless task.And I've realized that even in a supposedly progressive country such as ours, we truly do not value what it takes to raise a child, no matter the sex of the parent.

After the initial adrenaline rush ebbed, I started to grasp just how precious sleep had become.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

Over 10 months of paternity leave, Tim Kiladze discovered that being a primary caregiver is an onerous task.

It is the bedrock of our society, allowing the world as we know it to function, but the job's value, and its complexity, is largely invisible to those who haven't been immersed in it.

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I started to feel a deep connection with other women, particularly my mum – something rooted in a sense of shared experience, as if we fought the war together, and hardly anyone else knew what the trenches were like.

I've also learned the power of social norms, having personally experienced how painful it is to free yourself from gendered roles – or the expectation that a man does this, a woman does that.

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