Do your daughter dating loser

19-Feb-2018 04:02

It is only a matter of time before this guy ends up dead or in prison and we are worried that he will take her with him.

He has texted us several times giving us his sob story saying things would be better if he could live with us. I had issues growing up too and would have NEVER asked my wifes parents to live with them.

Grit your teeth and show her that you are prepared to trust her choices and will be there to catch her. My father did the same thing and I ran off with the guy.

I realize now that my father was completely right, but at the time I was young and dumb.

it took us 2 years of having our daughter's back when she had a rotten boyfriend and because we welcomed him into our home, she was more inclined to notice that his treatment of her and us was not acceptable.

Drive them out and she will take a lot longer to see him in a true light if he becomes all she has.

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We are really worried about her but can not say anything about it. That night she left the house on foot and we had no way to get in touch with her.We tell him to get a job and then he can get a roof over his head, it is pretty obvious that is not something he is going to do and will go through my daughters paycheck in two days.We have warned her that when her savings go dry we can not help her. Whatever his faults, your daughter has chosen him (at least for now), and you are telling her that her choice is lousy. You will keep your daughter by trying to respect her right to her choice of bf, painful though that is.I told her I was only responsible to take care of her not him. He was horrible to me, but no matter what my parents said I wouldn't break up with him. Thank goodness, I went to college and met my now husband and fell head over heels and realized I deserve better.