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This service gap could be exacerbated if the government realises its plans to cut an already-stretched healthcare budget by a third in 2017.Russian healthcare system overview: Every Russian citizen and resident is entitled to free public healthcare under the Russian healthcare system via Obligatory Medical Insurance (OMI). Once you begin working in Russia, your employer will pay around 2–3 percent of your salary into a social tax, a percentage of which is paid into a national Russian healthcare fund.

A Bloomberg report ranked Russian healthcare last out of 55 developed countries based on the efficiency of state healthcare systems.

There are many international medical centres in Moscow where English is spoken, but generally these clinics are more expensive.

Some foreign healthcare insurance providers may also only have contact with a limited number of medical clinics, meaning you may be forced to use certain healthcare providers while in Russia to get a reimbursement.

Unless your insurance company has a direct billing agreement with the medical clinic you intend to use, you will have to advance the payment and claim reimbursement from your insurance company later.

Some providers require pre-authorisation, meaning that you must contact your insurance company before using medical services in Russia.For non-EU citizens, you will need to check if your home country has a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Russia and, if so, what you are entitled to.Otherwise you will typically need to show proof of healthcare coverage when applying for a Russian visa.As of January 2016, the previous reciprocal healthcare agreement between the UK and Russia is no longer in effect, so while you were once able to access Russian healthcare with your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you must now consider travel insurance for Russia or private medical insurance before travelling.