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You will find the most caring professionals in the industry at Dog lovers of Los Angeles. Our Pet Professionals are Skilled at walking a Pet Parent through the grooming process and making sure all their needs are met.

Our Groomers and Our Dog Trainers participate in a comprehensive training programs that certifies them in all areas of Pet care and the needs of the Pet owner and their pets.

Through out this Web site you will find Fun and information to help you with Grooming, Training, Medical, and Pet Events for your pet, and much more.

Too many Pets lose their happy homes and end up in Shelters, on the street or worse. By making sure you get the help and knowledge it takes to care for your four legged best friend.

It usually, but not always, refers to unlucky outcomes, since Romeo and Juliet's affair ended tragically.

Further, it may also connote that the lovers entered into their union without sufficient forethought or preparation, that they did not have adequate knowledge of each other, or that they were not thinking rationally (because they were being controlled by fate).

Let's share our love of dogs, nature, make new friends and perhaps even find love!

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We pride ourselves at being able to groom all breeds , dogs and cats. Dating can be hard for single dog owners who are looking for someone who understands 4 a.m.pee outings, daily trips to the park — rain or shine — feelings of guilt when you're away from home too long and unconditional love for a furry friend who depends on you for all their needs.Then again, if the stars rule that much, they probably decreed the love as well as the impossibility, making the stars capricious and cruel at the very least.