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This month, you could predict — \rith imi certainty— that one of the hands on the bill at Camden's music pul)s an IN MUSIC NEWS U.K.'s All Offers Soulful Sound On New Island Set NOVEMBER 29, 1997 Jamaican 'Alt' Scene In The Spotlight ■ BY ELENA OUMANO KINCSTON.

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right now it is a shai)e that is difficult to swallow. Nashville, TN 37203 61&-321 4290 tat 615-320-0454 Tokyo 10th Floor No 103 Sogo-Hirakawacho BUg . bill board, com 212-536-1402, ste'l® bill boa Bdbocrd Music Group PRESIDENT: HOWARD LANDER Senior VPi General Counsel: Georfpna C:ha Ois Vice Presidents: K.ire-n Oer Tley, Adam While Director of Stratc QC Development: Ken Schiaee* Business Manager: Joellen Sommei Sub Pop Pacts With Sire Records Group Deal Adds To Sirens A&R^ Sub Pop^s Distribution BY CRAIG ROSEN LOS ANGELES— In a move designed to give the newly formed Sire Records Group (SRG) an additional A&R source and Seat- tle-based Sub Pop more marketing muscle, the two companies have inked a pact for SRG to market and distribute certain Sub Pop releases.

19 in New York after an extended battle with colon cancer. Hosten, who joined Airplay Monitor in April, w^as a five-year veteran of the Bill- board-affiliated Broadcast Data Systems (BDS), w^here he first began to cement his extensive relationships with record and broadcast industry members.

At BDS, Hosten w'orke', enthusiasm, and knowledge of the industn,' would lead our radio publications to greater heights.

Jamaica— Given the Jamaican love (if li\ely discus- sion and hard- nosed competi- tive spirit, it comes as no surprise that a Billboard cover s t o r y o n Jamaica's "alternative" nuisic scene (July 19).

along with (Vontiinictl on putfc I^) KHISTI Authors' Bodies Forge Teamwork On Cannes Pact ■ BY JEFF CLARK-MEADS LONIXIN — The new nature of busi- ness lor Eurojx;'s authors' Iwdies in the next millennium is taking shape. D C 20005 202-783-3282 lax 2 London 3f(I Floor 23 Ridgmounl Si.When I started playing in 1985, 1 iwver thought I would see the day when a "legit" jxib- Ucation would give straight-up coverage of what was going on.For me, this was a milestone moment to reflect on how' much drama and sac- rifice has gone down in the .scone all these years.Billboard Edtt M in Chief: TIMOTHY WHITE ■editorial Man«(ln£ Ediloc; SUSAN NUNZIATA Ovputy Editor; liv Li Chtman Hem Editoc Marilyn A. Y] Special Correspondent: Jim Bessman Contributors: Catherine Applefetd Olson, Fred Braoson. Lisa Collins, Larry Le Blanc, Jim Macme, Moira ^4c Corml Ck, Davia Ndtha". Anthony T Slallings Directories Production Manager: Len Durham Classified Production Assistant: Gene Williams ■ ADMINISTRATION Distribution Direclof: Edward Skiba Web Site Designer: David Wertheimet Online Sales Manafer: Sam D Bell Billing: Debbie Uptzer Assistant lo the Publisher: Susan Maro PRESIDENT L PUBLISHER; HOWARD LANDER ■ BILLBOARD OFTICES: New Vorft 1515 Broadway N Y, NY 10036 212-764-7300 edrf tiin2l2 S3S b3h& saws ta.?! Following \^l G's purchase of a stake in Sub Pop in early 1995, the label w-as linked to Elektra Entertain- ment for the marketing and distribution of certain releases. Epitaph Records is returning to its original man- date of being a "lean and mean" indepen- dent label.

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