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Barbara Perrotte; and three cousins, (yarol, George, and Sadina Perrotte.The family has asked that in lieu of flow- ers, donations should be made to cancer- related charities.The additional benefit was that we gained a warm-hearted indi- vidual with a terrific sense of humor.He will be gi'eatly missed." "Clearly, everj'one at BDS is going to miss Heston desperately," says BDS GM Joe Wallace. and he always had positive solu- tions to problems," Ellis adds.None of I he collecting societies with- in the European I'nion are finding it easy to implement the cost-cutting terms defined in the Cannes Accord. E E SONGS OF r My' the first single from the much-anticipated new Whispers album. Editor (N Y) Heatseehers Features Editor: Oou R Reece (LA.) Sta H Reporter: Shawnee Smith (N. Hekll Waleson International Editor in Chief: ADAM WHITE Irrternational Deputy Editor: Tr Tomolkin Account Manager: Trtsh Daly Louw Circulation Sates Manager: Mictiael Sisto Circulation Assistant: Andrea Irish ■ PRODUCTION Director: MARIE R. As with all SRG titles, the Sub Pop/SRG releases will be distributed by Warner Music Group's WEA or Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA). "I think this is a very good thing for us and for them," says SRG president/CEO Seymour Stein, who traveled to Sub Pop's headquarters three times before sealing the deal with Sub Pop CEO Jonathan Poneman. "(Geographically, they are ideally situated in terms of finding new talent," he adds.However, the jain is being eased by a (Coiithmvd Oil piujv 7S) RETAIL TRACK Is Trans World Planning Another Bid For Camelot? ALBUM IN STORES NOVEMBER 25 DRDS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Associate Editor Dance Music: Latry Flick, Editor (N Y ) Pro Audic VTechrmlogy: Paul Verna, Editot (NX) Merchants & Mar Veting: Don Jeftfey, Editor (N Y) Home Video: Seiti Goldstein, Editor (N. Y) Editorial Assts Unt: Came Bell (LA.) Administrative/Research Assls Unt: Dylan Stegler [N. GOMBERT Achiertising Production Manager: Jonn Wallace Associate Advertising Production Manager: Lydia Miku Iko Advertising Production Coordiirator; Cmdee Wetss Editorial Production Manager: lefrence C Sanders Associate Editorial Production Manager: Drew Wheeler Specials Production Editor: Marcia Repirski Assistant Specials Production Editor: ft^arc Giaquinio Syslcmv Technology Supervisor: Barry Btshin Composttion Techn«ians: S .^sn Chicola, Maria Manliciic. Howe\'er, Sub Pop, which is 49^ owned by the Warner Music Group (WMG), will remain an autonomous label (Billboard Bul- letin. Poneman, who calls Stein "one of my music indu.^tr' heroes," says he became interested in working with the executive when the opportunity to become affiliated with SRG was presented to the label. "That has always been a \iable area, but they are not just about Seattle, Portland, and the Pacific Northwest." Epitaph Cutbacks Help Indie Get Back To Basics ■ BY ED CHRISTMAN NEW YORK — Having undergone a down- sizing two WTeks ago that saw 40% of its staff positions eliminated.A new vei*sion can bring out something si)e- cial that wasn't in the original mix." says Leslie Fram. "But unfor- tunately, when those versions aren't availaile to the public, it's a hindrance. Up-And-Comers ■ BY DOMINIC PRIDE LONDON— The odds (tf finding the next great British band at your local pub are slim.1 just wish that more of them were being offerc Ml to the consumer." ((.'out in lied oil poffv . LInless, that is, you're having a pint in (.'anwlen "Town.

K.'s All Offers Soulful Sound On New Island Set NOVEMBER 29, 1997 Jamaican 'Alt' Scene In The Spotlight ■ BY ELENA OUMANO KINCSTON.

This is a very sad time for us." "I got to know him on a daily basis through dealing with him at BDS and a rela- tionship that developed that was far more than business," says Arista VP of promo- tion Jim Elliott.

"What I admired and respected about him was his work ethic, his fairness, and his incredible positive attitude.

Billboard Edtt M in Chief: TIMOTHY WHITE ■editorial Man«(ln£ Ediloc; SUSAN NUNZIATA Ovputy Editor; liv Li Chtman Hem Editoc Marilyn A. Y] Special Correspondent: Jim Bessman Contributors: Catherine Applefetd Olson, Fred Braoson. Lisa Collins, Larry Le Blanc, Jim Macme, Moira ^4c Corml Ck, Davia Ndtha". Anthony T Slallings Directories Production Manager: Len Durham Classified Production Assistant: Gene Williams ■ ADMINISTRATION Distribution Direclof: Edward Skiba Web Site Designer: David Wertheimet Online Sales Manafer: Sam D Bell Billing: Debbie Uptzer Assistant lo the Publisher: Susan Maro PRESIDENT L PUBLISHER; HOWARD LANDER ■ BILLBOARD OFTICES: New Vorft 1515 Broadway N Y, NY 10036 212-764-7300 edrf tiin2l2 S3S b3h& saws ta.?! Following \^l G's purchase of a stake in Sub Pop in early 1995, the label w-as linked to Elektra Entertain- ment for the marketing and distribution of certain releases. Epitaph Records is returning to its original man- date of being a "lean and mean" indepen- dent label.

Gillen Director ot Special Issues: Gene Sculatli: Oalet Brady. Special Issues Co Didmalof Bureau Chiefs: Cratg Rosen (L A ). That's the word from Andy Kaulkin, who has been named acting president of the label (Billljoard Bulletin, Nov. The ap|wintmeni of Kaulkin apparently was necessitated by the absence of label founder and head Brett Gure- witz, who has withdrawn from daily opera- tions at the label due to a stay, according to press reports, at a drug abuse treatment cen- ter.Jamaica— Given the Jamaican love (if li\ely discus- sion and hard- nosed competi- tive spirit, it comes as no surprise that a Billboard cover s t o r y o n Jamaica's "alternative" nuisic scene (July 19).along with (Vontiinictl on putfc I^) KHISTI Authors' Bodies Forge Teamwork On Cannes Pact ■ BY JEFF CLARK-MEADS LONIXIN — The new nature of busi- ness lor Eurojx;'s authors' Iwdies in the next millennium is taking shape. D C 20005 202-783-3282 lax 2 London 3f(I Floor 23 Ridgmounl Si.THE INTERNATIONAL NEWSWEEKLY OF MUSIC, VIDEO AND HOME ENTERTAINMENT ADVFRTIiif Mf Nni gladhands "A record whose wonders never | ceose." — Bi//board DIt Mbu M by Anacnollv* DIstrtbu Don Al Uanc* NOT YOUR TYPICAL OPEN AND SHUT CASE.