Driver sd needs updating please use bustype method

17-Feb-2017 13:51

can some one help me by explaining what i really need here.. Thanks in advance.stunnedandconfused: what happens if you press control-alt-backspace while it's hanging? It may also help to defragment your hard drive in Windows, then reinstall wubi.stunnedandconfused: what happens if you press control-alt-backspace while it's hanging? It may also help to defragment your hard drive in Windows, then reinstall wubi. I was able to get just a bit more from the DVD this time. SO that means its using a request that this DVD's codex is not responding to. the typing , keyboard/mouse issue: is slightly better when i turn off the touch pad. I played with it a bit and with the mouse on a lower setting it doesn't jump as much..

Had the same problem with the black screen when trying to upload to computer proper from the CD.

If I leave it about 5 minutes, it defaults and loads Vista as normal.

From the sounds of things, it's likely that the graphics card is the problem. some thing is not telling the computer to go into xorg or vesa or what ever thats called.. If you log in there and type: lspci -nn | less you will get a list of your hardware that you'll be able to scroll through. If you press control-alt-F2 at any point after Ubuntu has loaded (or if you log in under safe graphics mode and open a terminal from the Applications Accessories menu), you will be brought to a command prompt. I did try to upload Ubuntu via live CD but that also failed, although, I could use the CD to try Ubunto OK. If that doesn't work, try specifying '/dev/tty SL0' as the modem device. You might have better luck if you start a new thread in the 'multimedia and video' section of the forums.i am about to reboot after the dpkg thing..

System = Vista Home Premium 32 bit 3gb memory Intel Core2 duo Intel G45/G43 Express Chipset. Did you try opening gnome-ppp, pressing the 'Setup' button and then clicking 'Detect' in the window that pops up in order to have it auto-detect your modem? the closest to your suggestion is : /dev/tty S0 the others are /dev/tty S1 S2 or S3. The default on the LIVE CD Install guide is for it to take over the whole drive. If 8.04 also fails, we can try to get some output from logs to see if that leads to a solution. Could you try burning an Ubuntu 8.04 CD and see if that works better than 8.10? If your problem does come down to the video device, it shouldn't be too hard to fix it, so don't give up yet.

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