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Together, these systems provide comprehensive support for changing class definitions of live objects, including adding, removing and moving fields, methods, classes and interfaces anywhere in the inheritance hierarchy.

We then investigate the effects of dynamic updating by performing a dynamic updating experiment on five consecutive revisions of the classical arcade game Breakout using the dynamic updating system Gosh! Based on the result of this experiment we show that dynamic updating of class definitions for live objects may under some circumstances result in different run-time behavior than would be observed after a cold restart of the upgraded application.

The location in a program where a dynamic update occurs is referred to as an update point.

Ginseng's compiler will attempt to infer good locations for update points, but can also use programmer-specified update points.

Kitsune and Ekiden require developers to manually specify and name all update points.

Existing DSU implementations vary widely in their treatment of update points.

In some systems, such as Up Stare and Po LUS, an update can occur at any time during execution.The dynamic software updating system JRebel from Zeroturnaround has proven to be an efficient mean to improve developer productivity, as it allows developers to change the code of their applications while developing and testing them.Hence, developers no longer have to go through the tedious cycle of serializing application state, halting execution, redeploy the binary, restarting, and de-serializing state before they can test the effect of a code change.Our technique is based oil the use of proxy classes and requires no support from the runtime system.

A Technique for Dynamic Updating of Java Software Alessandro Orso, Anup Rao, and Mary Jean Harrold College of Computing Georgia Institute of Technology… continue reading »

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State of the Art of Dynamic Software Updating in Java Allan Raundahl Gregersen1, Michael Rasmussen1, and Bo Nørregaard Jørgensen2& 1 ZeroTurnaround, Tartu, Estonia… continue reading »

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