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The vast majority of NT Greek manuscripts (MSS) belong to the Byzantine family of texts, for obvious reasons often called the Majority Text.If numbers of MSS is the criterion for determining the textual tradition nearest to the original autographs, the Majority Text wins hands down.(2) Phoebe carried Paul's letter from Corinth to Rome (Rom. (3) Presumably Onesimus, the runaway slave, carried the letter from Paul in prison in Rome to Philemon, Onesimus' owner in Colosse (Philemon 1:1, 10-12). He sent it to the church in Corinth presumably by the hand of Titus and two other brothers (2 Cor. (6) Prisca (Priscilla) and Aquila traveled extensively in the Roman Empire.(4) It is possible that Silvanus carried Peter's letter from Peter in Rome to the "diaspora" of the provinces of northern Asia Minor (1 Pet. They hailed from Rome, but were forced to move out of Rome by Claudius' decree. Paul wrote to the Colossians, In summary, let it be said that the mobility of individuals in the Roman empire in the first century was nothing short of remarkable, especially considering the antiquated modes of travel available to them. Information and graphics derived from Thoughtful Faith.

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They did travel by sea, but they were limited to wind power and human oar power.

This is in opposition to the theory espoused today by most textual critics, which is that the Alexandrian text family is the earliest family, followed closely by the Western text family.