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This story continued the Elfquest tale started in Fantasy Quarterly.

Later, the Pinis' company Wa RP Graphics would reprint the story from Fantasy Quarterly as Elfquest #1 with a new front cover and full color portrait print for the rear cover.

This gave the series some much-needed mass-market exposure.

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The (initially) color titles New Blood, Hidden Years, and Shards for the most part carried the main storyline forward from the prehistoric to the medieval period of the World of Two Moons, now named Abode, occasionally featuring non-canonical stories.Elfquest was one of the first comic book series to have a planned conclusion.Over the years Elfquest has been self-published by the Pinis through their own company Warp Graphics, then Marvel Comics, (Sandwiched between Elfquest's "Fire and Flight" parts one and two was a brief story written by T.Most of the additional material (bridging pages and panels) was incorporated into subsequent print collections and the online edition.

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In March 2003 it was announced that after 25 years of self-publication the Pinis had licensed all publishing and merchandising rights in the series to DC Comics, although the Pinis retained creative control.This series was one of the early successes that marked the establishment of a phase in underground comics in which a new genre of alternative independent comic books emerged that were closer in content to the comics mainstream.Elfquest was also one of the first comic book series that had a prearranged conclusion. The fact that a female artist/writer (Wendy Pini) was the creative principal of the series was also notable.The music CD A Wolfrider's Reflections is an album of folk songs based on elements from the original quest.