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FM1 (Female Lead 1) is a high school student who grew up overseas in America after her father died and her mother re-married. Regardless of which version you watch- she was picked on by the American students and never really had friends.She was depressed and had no drive in life, that is, until she saw ML1 (Male Lead 1) compete in his track event (I think it’s always high-jump, but I’m not 100%, it’s been a while since I saw the Japanese and Taiwanese versions).But while in the Korean drama he is just like a friend to ML1, in this version he is a fierce ally of FL1 and she often comes to him when she is having trouble. He’s gay and, while usually you can’t tell (it isn’t like he’s walking around in a dress), he will go WAY OVER THE TOP whenever he needs to distract someone or just wants them out of his office.I love how he is always vaguely perverse and loves to creep people out 🙂 It’s worth a lot of laughs!I’ve only watched the Taiwanese and Korean in their entirety, but I’ve seen the first half of the Japanese show.To make everything easy on you, I’m going to give universal names to the characters so you can more easily follow what the hell is going on, instead of slamming you with all these character names that change depending on which edition you’re watching.Wu Chun, also known as Wu Zun, is one of the members of the popular Taiwanese band group Fahrenheit (飛輪海). Originally a model in Singapore, Wu Chun debuted in his first Taiwanese drama in "Tokyo Juliet" in 2006 alongside Ariel Lin. Become a moderator for Wu Chun's profile - contact us to apply!However, it was not until he starred in another Japanese manga adaptation in 2007, "Hana Kimi", with S. Sunny Girl 2011 as Di Ya Xin (Taiwanese Dramas) Hot Shot 2008 as Wu Ji Zun (Taiwanese Dramas) Hana Kimi 2007 as Zuo Yi Quan (Taiwanese Dramas) Romantic Princess 2007 as Nan Feng Jin (Taiwanese Dramas) The X-Family 2007 as Huo Yan Shi Zhe 火焰使者 (Taiwanese Dramas) Tokyo Juliet 2006 as Ji Feng Liang (Taiwanese Dramas) KO One 2005 as Tian Hong Guang 田弘光 KO.

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There is definitely something I’m not following and that’s throwing off the acting score for me, but most likely it’s the acting. plays FL1, who became a track star and overcame her obesity, inspired by Wu Chun (ML1).

–Netflix (though, I’d like to point out that he’s actually a high-jumper, I don’t know what Netflix is smoking).

Plot: 4/5 There are, as I said 3 different versions of this show, all with pretty identical plots.

The story takes a great turn early on when ML1 figures out that his “male” roommate is actually female, but he decides to keep the secret (and I think the Taiwanese version has him using his knowledge to put the girl in awkward situations he finds funny).

Oh, and of course there is a rival for ML1 who tries to sabotage his return to the sport.

They are surrounded by a quirky/fun group of friends who live in the dorms, and the dorm leader, who also does what they can to help out.