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Neil's partner recognizes Tyler with Ally on a train, so Neil breaks into Tyler's apartment, and confronts him.Tyler provokes Neil by confessing to Aidan's plan and his initial reason for meeting Ally, which forces Tyler to confess to Ally. Aidan visits Ally at her father's home to explain that he is to blame, and Tyler is in love with her.It touts forgiveness while being mildly infuriating.

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He has a strained relationship with his businessman father, Charles, because his older brother, Michael, committed suicide years before.Aidan calls Charles to bail Tyler out, but he does not stick around to have a conversation with his father.Aidan sees Neil dropping Ally off, realizing that she is his daughter.It may be affected, but [it] is at least aiming for an intriguing character study — a positive sign in the young career of Pattinson" whom he says steps away from "Twilight, apparently in search of his Five Easy Pieces or Rebel Without a Cause." Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly gave the film a D , calling it a "shameless contraption of ridiculously sad things befalling attractive people." Schwarzbaum was also critical of Pattinson's acting and the script.

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Other critics also found the movie's invocation of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center offensive and exploitative, such as Lisa Kennedy of the Denver Post: "The finale manages to be tasteful and exploitative at the same time.

A Pakistani song, Saason ki Mala Peh Simroon by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was also heard in the movie when Tyler takes Alley on their first date at Gandhi Restaurant.