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27-May-2017 02:35

Easily created by using many types of image on a gif maker such as ‘Picasion’ an animated GIF adds interest to a ‘flat’ web-page.

The academic year consists of two semesters, with a week’s break in between.

The city is a perfect venue for the AIESEC Alumni International Congress (AAIC), which will be held from Saturday, August 20th to Tuesday, August 23University of Warsaw’s founding date is considered to be 19 November 1816, when Alexander I (the then tsar of Russia and king of Poland) issued a decree to establish the university (konieczny link do zakładki historycznej).

That is why November is a special month for the academic community, as a celebration of the University of Warsaw, with exhibitions, concerts, lectures and other events.

Warsaw’s restaurant and entertainment scene are the best in Poland.

Most of all, Warsaw has its unique vibe that is impossible to describe.

I reached out to POF, both through a report on the site and a Twitter DM, because when I had made my original thread about them they had DMed me.

He had started a new account and messaged me:so to be clear, I told him to leave me alone, and he told me he was going to find me on Facebook.

In 2016, the University will celebrate its 200 it is a time for UW student celebrations during the Juvenalia festival.