Enrich data by updating records rather than creating new records

17-May-2017 00:52

However, the more important and less publicized aspect of MS CRM application is that it can be used as a Rapid Application Development Tool for implementing Enterprise wide Line of Business applications!It has been quite some time since I made the last post on my blog. I have now relocated to London, UK and am still working on MS CRM, gaining a good experience on the wealth management domain.Enables you to add account relationships to other account or contacts that are not directly related to the account but are influential.You can add the same contact to multiple accounts using different relationships.The modified records are highlighted with Red background as shown in figure below.Monitor the progress of the import job in MSCRM by viewing the Workplace-: Data shown in the Grid can be saved in CSV format by clicking on Export Records to CSV.

enrich data by updating records rather than creating new records-47

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Wishing all a very happy and prosperouse New Year, with a resolution to try and keep my blog more active with various snippets and updates.

Please follow the steps in this link to unhide the excel columns.