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If Mary makes her payment on October 19, how much she pay. For example, February 2 is the 33rd day of the year. March 8 Goods received: Credit terms are an important feature of discounts.We give you what you want that will surely give you crazy yet satisfying gay live sex cam services.Through our thousands of sexy hunk guys who are jerking off their big dicks on a live gay adult webcams, you can simply get hooked watching them and chatting with them.• Describe the six-month merchandising plan and explain its calculations. 1 The Role of the Buyer Getting Ready to Sell Wholesaler and Retail Buyers Forecasting customers’ needs and buy necessary products Planning far in advance of the selling season wholesale and retail buyers Buyers who purchase goods for resale. 1 The Role of the Buyer Getting Ready to Sell Six-Month Merchandise Plan Goal of the current year is derived from last year’s sales Buyers ensure there is enough stock for planned sales The end-of-month (EOM) stock figure is related to the beginning-of-the-month (BOM) figure Buyers take into account planned retail reductions During the buying season, a buyer may want to know the open-to-buy (OTB) six-month merchandise plan The budget that estimates planned purchases for a six-month period. Explain how a bill of materials is used in planning purchases. • Describe the various Internet purchasing methods. 2 The Purchasing Process Understanding the Process Three Types of Purchase Situations New-Task Purchase (want slip) Modified Rebuy Straight Rebuy want slip Customer request for an item or items not carried in the store. 2 The Purchasing Process Understanding the Process Two Types of Sales and Return Policies Consignment Buying consignment buying A buying process in which goods are paid for only after the final customer purchases them. A buyer can acquire information for a modified rebuy by analyzing competition by comparison shopping, by analyzing current information found in trade publications or at trade shows, or by hiring the services of a resident buying office. Memorandum goods are paid for when purchased from the supplier, but the price of unsold goods may be refunded to the reseller. Disadvantages include potential privacy issues and not being familiar with the company from which goods are being purchased.