Error updating view b tree structure is invalid

04-Feb-2017 02:41

" Is it safe to point fingers at the OLEDB driver and put it as a limitation (or would you call it a bug? Thanks, June 12, 2003 - am UTC they are trying to describe the object in order to discover its inputs and outputs. you must either: o compile it o cause it to be compiled -- parse -- begin if (1=0) then p; end if; end; and it'll compile itself so, I guess a solution would be to catch the error in PB, dynamically parse that block and retry the operation. but second time it said , unable to find the pl sql unit being callled.. regards balaji Hi Tom, I upgraded my 9.2.0.x db to 10g a few days back. Now I see 19 views, 19 synonyms and 2 packages invalid.

error updating view b tree structure is invalid-61

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If some objects are still invalid -- that means there is some error with them -- use the "show errors " command in sqlplus to diagnose.

What would happen to your java code if you zapped in new jdbc drivers in the middle? I'm always curious why people recompile running code in a production system. hi tom, we have a web application grown, developed and gone through a lot of hands over time (hope this clarifies any further ;( the developers produced a huge dependency tree on a procedure over time, containing over 200(!