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We’ll use the following data entry form: Figure 2: Sample Form The data validation types shown in this post are: Now users will be not allowed to type anything but whole numbers in B8.

If you enter something different from whole numbers or a whole number outside the specified range, then you’ll get an error message like this one.

Figure 13: Data Validation Rule (Text Length)User will be required to type text between 20 to 300 characters in B16.

If user types less than 20 or more than 300 characters in B16 then an error dialog box will be displayed as shown in figure 14 below.

A computed column is a virtual column that is not physically stored in the table, unless the column is marked PERSISTED.Figure 14: Error Alert (Text Length)On top of all the possible options shown for data validation, you can also use a formula that return a logical value to validate entries.For example, let’s say you want make sure that only text is entered in a cell.Figure 10: Error Alert (Date)In some cases, you want to force the user to enter values from a specific list.

In our sample form, user is required to select his place of birth in cell B14 from a predetermined list of places.

Figure 8: Error Alert (Decimal Number)Figure 9: Data Validation Rule (Date)If a valid date within the acceptance criteria is not entered in B12 then an error dialog box is displayed as shown in figure 10 below.