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17-May-2017 16:12

They tend to be pushy while getting on public transport and in the metro you will find that people try to get on while others are still trying to get off.The same applies to lines at meat and cheese counters in supermarkets, where it can be difficult to figure out where the line starts and who is there first.Always remember that what you consider normal behaviour may seem strange to your Russian friends.

They read on the metro, while they wait, and at home.When you go to pay utility bills at a Russian bank, you may find that when it is almost your turn one or two people show up who had "reserved" a place in the line and then took care of something else at another counter or just sit down while waiting for their turn.It is common practice to reserve a place in a line simply by telling the person in front of you "you are behind them" ("ya budu za vami").They are slowly learning how to take charge of their own lives, but the chasm between the rich and the poor, the healthy and the sick and the skilled and the unskilled continues to widen.

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