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This study examined whether changes in running performance resulting from plyometric training were related to alterations in lower leg musculotendinous stiffness (MTS).Seventeen male runners were pre- and post-tested for lower leg MTS, maximum isometric force, rate of force development, 5-bound distance test (5BT), counter movement jump (CMJ) height , RE, V˙O), and 3-km time.CMJ height, 5BT, and MTS also increased significantly.No significant changes were observed in any measures for the C group.At least Mr Juncker was honest enough to concede that the state of the EU is not good, though how could he say otherwise after a five-year crisis in the euro-zone which continues to topple elected governments, Greece’s being the latest.This is democracy, EU style; and Mr Juncker’s solution to Europe’s problems is more Europe – greater fiscal integration, deeper institutions, common laws and the like.The results clearly demonstrated that a 6-week plyometric programme led to improvements in 3-km running performance.It is postulated that the increase in MTS resulted in improved RE.

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Previous research has reported that plyometric training improves running economy (RE) and ultimately distance-running performance, although the exact mechanism by which this occurs remains unclear.

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Sep 10, 2015. It is emblematic of the EU's aggrandising desire to be regarded as a single political entity like the USA that the president of the European Commission should emulate the American head of state and deliver a State of the Union address. This is a relatively recent departure for the EU, dating only to 2010, and.… continue reading »

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