Examples of world accommodating new religious movements

14-Mar-2017 11:06

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The authors claim that the generality, clarity, and intensity of the compensators increased as one moves from audience cult to cult movement.

The term NRM is used by those adopting a more neutral and objective view toward some phenomena, while seeking to understand their development and meaning for contemporary society. Indeed, it derives from the classical work of Troeltsch (1931), whose term mysticism serves as the basis of much insightful theoretical and empirical work on marginal religious groups of various types (Richardson, 1978).Thus, the world-affirming type focuses on individual changes whereas the world-rejecting type has as a goal redoing society itself.The second type, world-accommodating movements, stress the enrichment of spiritual life of individuals as opposed to the gaining of worldly possessions, and there is often an emphasis on the collective life as an end in itself.However, it also offers a dynamic approach that attempts to grasp the ever-changing nature of many NRMs, which are constantly evolving, and even different at the same point in time, depending on location and other contextual considerations.

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The authors discuss the ‘recomposing’ of RMOs using the six basic elements, and focus on inherent internal and external pressures to change over time, such as the effects of establishing families and having children or the impact of efforts at social control by societal authorities (pp. The dynamic nature of NRMs is illustrated in a number of case studies of such movements and groups which show dramatic changes over time in response to various pressures (see for examples Richardson, 1979; 1985; 1993b).

Such groups have little formal organization and they do not maintain membership criteria or lists.

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