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17-Nov-2017 17:43

Any natural temperamental quality can become a drawback if not governed by prudence—even the phlegmatic’s famed easygoing-ness.Phlegmatics are not flamboyant wooers, preferring empathy and self-giving to grandiose romantic gestures.

The phlegmatic, naturally inclined to peacemaking, must learn to speak up for the truth even when it creates conflict.The most patient of all the temperaments, phlegmatics rarely get bored (though they are sometimes accused of being boring! The backbone of our society, phlegmatics esteem hard work and commitment.Never pushy, reckless or sensational, they do not seek the limelight (unlike our flashy friend, the sanguine), but prefer the role of unselfish team player.The problem is, you might never get to know this humble, reserved individual.

Unlike the bubbly sanguine or the take-charge choleric, the quiet, laid-back phlegmatic might never get around to asking you out!

If you are friends with (or are dating) a phlegmatic, relax and enjoy your relationship with this patient, kind, and easygoing individual. Laraine Bennett co-authored with her husband, Art, The Temperament God Gave You and The Temperament God Gave Your Spouse (both from Sophia Institute Press ).