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07-Mar-2018 04:06

I went thru a firefighter death and it is an issue that I will deal with for the rest of my life. Sometimes working 3 jobs along with being a fire fighter. if he had the same values and traits that my father had. To the Original poster of this thread, i just want to say that im not trying to judge or anything but I'd bet almost any money that if most of the women you'v atteracted got interested in you because of your job, firstly i'd bet thasts not why they lost interested, it was probably for other reasons, and secondly, if your job was all they cared about, you didnt need them anyway man. Somehow cops and emt's have become included in this thread.His funeral and memorial was very fitting considering he put in 25 years of service to our community and you sir have not earned the right to EVER speak against anyone who gives their lives for others. Its funny all the different views of dating or not dating a fireman/police/emt. My father started out in the Fire department when I was 2. He has since retired and is now an instructor for several states teaching fire fighting. He has put his life on the line for other people, he has seen so many things that as a woman I still could not take emotionally. He has been married to my mother for over 43 years. The largest study ever done showed that 40% (nearly half) of all Police Officers commit Domestic Violence against their spouses.I don't know of a single firefighter that wants or expects anything for the job we do. Because if he could save 1 child or Adults life so they could go home and have the life that God wanted them to live.. I will say one thing though, everyone, no matter what they do in life, should leave their job or duty behind at some point.I am a 10 year career veteran and have not once received any awards or pats on the back for what I do nor do I want it. But again, this kind of job is not 9 to 5, if you didnt figure that out before you started a relationship, thats not their fault its seems to me that this is more of an issue with certain people having inferiority complex's than others having hero complex's.Whatever you might want to go back and re-read the posts cause you obviously missed the whole point altogether. I'm genuinely suroprised at the number of people who assume we are in the job for some need to be seen as a hero...By the way so you can educate yourself for being so stupid I have posted my reply at the bottom see if yo ucan read the WHOLE thing this time instead of what you wanted to hear. Jim Ok, Jackass I have read enough of your jealousy towards Firefighters. This thread started out to find out about how women/men felt about dating a fireman. I am dating a fireman for the forest service, they have been asked about going to other states recently who are having wildfires. I've known a few heros in my time, not all served the public, and not one true hero ever saught to be one, it was just something that other people called them or thought about and not something that they labelled themselves, how dare you talk about people who put their lives on the line for complete strangers like that.Come connect with ladies who want to go out with someone like you – an everyday hero.

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