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03-Feb-2018 08:28

If you accept your partner’s flaws and are able see their good qualities from the beginning, you are better able to decide if they are right for you.

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People who learn to forgive have more successful relationships.

Successful couples are able to figure out how to forgive each other for being themselves, and they do this because they know that it is nearly impossible to change other people.

We’ve all met the new couples who constantly gush about how perfect their partner is, and how lucky they are to have found each other.

The positive and loving feelings are healthy and good, as long as you are aware and accept that your partner will have traits that can drive you crazy (when the endorphin high starts to wear off, that is).Sadly, people in relationships have a lot to complain about, even if nothing blatantly awful has happened.Whether you are at the beginning of your relationship, the middle, or struggling at the end, you will need to realize that your partner is a flawed human being with difficult traits, and, if you want to be successful in love you need to learn how to forgive those flaws.Nobody comes to see me because their partner is too nice, or because they are too giving.

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