Forms for liquidating an s corporation Bi kinky hookups

19-Apr-2017 23:13

In-person filings can receive expedited processing. For information on processing time for online filings, check with the DOR.

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Therefore, it is particularly advisable with this type of certificate to get assistance from a lawyer.If you use this method, make sure to properly record both the board’s resolution and the shareholders’ votes.Under the second method, you need to obtain written consent from all voting shareholders.Then, unless your certificate of incorporation requires a greater vote, a majority of the votes at the meeting must approve the dissolution.

(If there are several voting groups, the majority-vote rule applies to each voting group.) Some corporations organized prior to the effective date of the current BCA (January 1, 1969) may be subject to a rule requiring a two-thirds majority vote rather than a simple majority.For some corporations, a time comes when the people who own and run things voluntarily decide to close the business.If you’ve reached that point with your New Jersey corporation, you’ll need to take care of multiple tasks—including what is called your business.After dissolving your corporation, you must file a certificate of dissolution with the Division of Revenue (“DOR”).