Freakonomics the cost of interracial dating as an asian man

08-Jan-2018 07:36

I have personally began to witness many more BW/WM, BW/HM and even some BW/AM couplings. I said that Black WOMEN and White WOMEN are not treated EQUAL a black woman is not expected to be Scarlett O' Hara nor can she be is what I said she has less options because she is BLACK and female.

She never knew she being used until years later the videos were everywhere!If black women were treated EQUAL then maybe she would be free like a White Woman to have less loyalty to her race.White women have little loyalty and Asian women ditto because their men put them on pedestal advertised to everyone to want.That, plus men generally being the pursuer in intimate relations, result in more Black men than Black women having non-Black mates.

But even that appear to leveling as the rate of increases of Black women marrying non-Black men is beginning to outplace that of Black men marrying non-Black women.

I make over 0,000 a year, ,000 in bonuses--Ms.