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Monday 13 November 2017 Episode 2909 Dintle unveils a diabolical plan, and Grace has her suspicions confirmed.Layla discovers that her procrastination has cost her dearly.Thursday 9 November 2017 Episode 2907 Some tension flares up in a relationship, and the potential for a love triangle becomes evident.Quinton realises he made a mistake by agreeing to a meeting. Friday 10 November 2017 Episode 2908 A newspaper article is the inspiration for a dastardly plan.Friday 1 December 2017 Episode 2923 A truce comes to an abrupt end, but one of the parties is completely unaware that hostilities have been resumed.Maletsatsi panics when she realises she has made a monumental error.Phindile is shocked by the attitude of someone she thought she knew.

Wednesday 22 November 2017 Episode 2916 Accusations are thrown around, none of which are true, but all of which have consequences.

Boniswa makes it clear that she is not in a forgiving mood. Wednesday 15 November 2017 Episode 2911 Quinton is dismayed by the idea of a possible lie, and Dintle is horrified by the possibility of a confession.