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1 In pairs, look at the photo and answer the questions. 2 Listen to the radio programme and choose the correct answers. Listen for key phrases to help you understand the main idea. In pairs, add as many words as you can to each category. 2 In pairs, use the pronunciation table on page 140 to understand words 1-6. You can go to the library, learn to play a musical instrument, play with your pets or start a diary, learn about your family history, do some charity work, or go to a museum. Screen-Free campaigners are against all forms of media.

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• Get together in groups of four and discuss the statement. Will you take part in it and find out the wide range of possibilities open to you when television is not a part of your life? Ask an older family member to tell you a story about his or her childhood. Newspapers are read by people in the world every day. How many newspaper websites have been created since 1990? The Sun is bought by about 3.7 million people every day. The printing press was invented by Gutenberg in 1447. b People have created thousands of newspaper websites since 1990. At least eight billion web pages are counted in search engines. Screen-Free Week started in 1994 in the USA (it was then called TV Turn-Off Week) after concerns about the health, social and educational impact television viewing was having on young people.

Thousands of newspaper websites have been created since 1990. Search engines have counted at least eight billion web pages. Today the Internet is used by over a billion people. Anti-TV groups are organising another Screen-Free Week. A) The average family spends 4—5 hours every day watching TV, but only 35 minutes having a meaningful conversation.

And if you don’t watch it too much, TV isn’t necessarily harmful for your health.