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02-Mar-2017 19:52

There have been further delays because of numerous business and personal challenges.

One complication has been continuing financial losses starting in the most recent years.

Because of Keith's long illness and the time it took to settle his estate, there is a lot of work needed to bring the sites up to date and make them more user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and able to exist ongoing into the future.

If you have questions about what this site is about and about the whole subject of cruising, check our FAQ.It will involve rehosting and will also need to be done in stages, starting with the part of CFS that hosts the Home Page and associated pages.It is possible that CFS Member Profiles will be relocated and improved at this step.There were negotiations with business associates about their buying a portion of CFS.

Although we didn't reach agreement, we continue to work together as friends on joint projects.After this will come the Sex Listings and then the other parts of CFS.Still undetermined: The cost and benefits for "Supporter" Members.The site was founded by Keith (the guy in the picture), often known online as "The Cruisemaster." CRUISING for SEX has been online since 1995, always free thanks to the generous support of our advertisers (why there are so many ads) and various sponsors.

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