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18-Dec-2017 04:54

i've hardly seen the social worker since court ended and as for any support, well it would be easier getting an audience with the Queen!!!

I have never made any demands on social services in respect of my niece other than to ask for somehelp towards the cost of a washing machine as the one i had broke, and even then i felt like i was asking for gold.

I think you are a very special person and your niece is very lucky to have you.

Surely you must be able to go above this SW and speak to her office or Supervisor/manager.

Dont be treated like this anymore, take a stand and make sure that you receive everything you are entitled to, if you need to shout, do it!

I wish you all the best of luck thank you for your reply Sue and for your kind words.

since court ended i have recieved a Special Guardianship allowance every fortnight and it has made things alot easier but that is as far as it goes.

i was told by the social worker during my assessment that extra money would be provided for my niece at christmas & birthdays and that they would provide some money towards a holiday, but as of yet it has never been provided.

Since my niece first came to live with me I have always tried to get by without asking for help, i suppose i was afraid that people would think i couldn't manage. I have decided that I am going to contact SS on monday and ask to speak to SW manager about the issues i have with them. I would definately speak to a manager and find out where you stand.

after about 4 weeks the social worker turned up and said that after speaking with her manager they could replace the machine with a reconditioned one, for which i was very grateful.

everything else my niece has needed i have provided myself.

after nearly 2 years of going to court a Special Guardianship Order was granted in my favour.

My niece has a social worker who i believe is supposed to visit every 6 wks or so and who is there to offer support to myself and my family, or so i was led to believe in the assessment for SGO.I am a qualified social worker though no longer work in social work directly.My experience of Special Guardianship Orders is that usually once they are granted social work visits would be a lot less frequent (if they happened at all, in many cases they would stop soon after the order was granted).I am pleased to hear you are getting an allowance, at least that is something.