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* (link) WILDFLOWERS - many flowers bloom during the short growing season * (link - photos) WINTER - Arctic winters are long, cold and very dark. * (link) WOLF - three types of wolves live in the far north * (link) | * (link) WOLVERINE - fierce,powerful member of the weasel family (my web page | * (link) ZONES - The Canadian Arctic is divided into three zones (ecozones) * Arctic Cordillera | * Northern Arctic | * Southern Arctic ZOO - The Detroit Zoo has a large polar bear exhibit and the Arctic Ring of Life.well i want an honest caring loving funny, intelligent, romantic,faithful,honest woman that have sense of humor and the most important thing is Love I don't want only a long time relationship but a life time Soulmate...* (link) | * (link) | * (link) | * (link) COTTONGRASS - plants with white fluffy heads * (link) CRAFTS - Inuit create jewellery, baskets, dolls and sew traditional clothing.

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* (link) | * (link) PTARMIGAN - a bird adapted to the cold Arctic weather.

* (link) | *(link) QIVIUT - long hair shed by the musk oxen, used for making caps, sweaters and scarves.