Friend dating non christian

17-Jan-2017 14:30

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Yet, we could have had kids and made a GO of LIFE.''It depends exactly on the definition of 'Christian'.

I would probably want to marry somebody who has an outlook in which every individual is valued, and where goodness, fairness and honesty are prized as things to be encouraged, and where ambition and self-interest are never put above anything that is wrong.

But again they report a lack of support by churches should they decide to do so – even in helping to create the possibility of conversion.

Experience of non-Christian marriages from which they were now divorced (16%) 'I have had non-Christian boyfriends in the past, and my faith has always been the reason they have broken up with me.

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I meet far more of these people outside of the church, so it does make it difficult.

I would find it extremely difficult not to be able to share that vital part of my life with someone I love.''A partnership should have God at the centre and have shared life vision and love for God.