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11-Jan-2018 02:06

I’m sure you can remember the first time you caught your parents lying to you. JD: Your parents are liars, they told you about Santa Claus, right, they told you about these lies, and so there’s always little things in our life that we have grown up believing that our parents have given us, or our environment has given us, or our friends have given us, or media has given us, that may or may not be true.

SRS: Exactly, some of them are because people want to be polite, but then when you find out the truth, it hurts even more.

So to speak, maybe if you’re at bat you want to hit a home run.

You want to be so funny and witty that everyone is going to remember you and so you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself in that interaction.

JD: There’s that or they’re trying to get you to buy into their narrative, their story, and we have our own that we have to get comfortable with, and so the truth is one of those things. JD: And without that even being transactional, you are setting up places where just people want to be genuine and want to give value back, and it’s hard to even realize where it’s all coming from, just from your behavior of giving out that value, so I would definitely say the truth and value first, value upfront, or definitely core values of myself and AJ.

The other is, always to do your best to be a high valued guy but without looking for transactional value. SRS: It’s about providing a value in the first place and helping people. And I especially enjoy, not only working with the Art of Charm, I have two main passions, self-development AOC, and then music.

SRS: So, when you encounter someone who maybe suffers from social anxiety, what are kind of the first steps you help them take to maybe overcome that?

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”, and which confuses me a lot about the world when you see so much other madness going on when we have it so good, we’re having so much fun. JD: Like if ever else could take a page of giving out value and creating the world from themselves first and then outward, it’s amazing.

” Thankfully I have that going for me before I walk the room, so everyone’s excited so by the time I come though there are people that are a little bit shocked, for the most part, they’re just really excited to meet me.

I’m really excited because what we’re doing here this week, creating more content is to put AJ and I’s face a little bit more on the website then some other things. I think the aspect is that no matter who you are or what you look like, it’s more about your qualities and your take on things is.

So we’re really excited about that as well so that’s why we’re super happy to have you all here to show us how you do it. I usually walk away from learning something from anyone and no matter how much revenue they make, or what channel they are. One of the things– you might even be thinking about this yourself, every time AJ and I go to business meetings together, there’s a moment in that meeting that we wait for every time and it’s called the question. AJ and I will be sitting there, we put our best foot forward, we have the guy, whoever we’re meeting with, they’re eating at the palm of our hand and they’re like “Wow!

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If you just listen closely enough, you can get away with some nuggets that can help you improve your life or your business. “You guys are great, I love this, this is a great store, I really want to work with you guys and I just have one question. I don’t get it.” cause obviously when you see AJ and I sitting next to each other, we’re extremely different, and when everything…

Now you have a chance to hit that next home run or just be a big disappointment.

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