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“Hoping it doesn’t rain on the red carpet tonight @CFDA #CFDAAwards I don’t have an umbrella to match my dress,” Erin tweeted.

This mainly happens when the theme or subject of the fanon had not been planned out by the author(s) beforehand, and is much more common in works, such as fanfiction and webcomics, which often aren't planned from the start.

During the commercial break, singer Pink walked by West and reportedly shook her head in disgust.

Various celebrities and industry figures, including Pink, Janet Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Joel Madden, Adam Lambert, Kellie Pickler, Ryan Seacrest, Chris Jericho, Jeremy Fall, and Dane Cook, spoke out about the incident through Twitter and other outlets, condemning West for the verbal outburst.

held at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall on Monday (June 3) in New York City.

The 33-year-old Cobra Starship frontman and the 31-year-old fashion designer tied the knot last weekend in an intimate ceremony in Barbados. Uhhh that’s a big drank @erinfetherston,” Gabe tweeted last week.

Whether it's officially shown in a canonical work is another matter, and may "only" reach the status of Word of God, but most of the time the author(s) sees some minutiae they hadn't thought too much of themselves as a decent enough explanation that they don't mind and don't want to Joss it into oblivion.

Beyoncé, Green Day and Lady Gaga won three awards each, the most of the night.

Figures regarding his exact wealth, properties, and other assets appear to be widely rumored and disputed.

Despite Mr Fernandez's extreme wealth, reports say that he fought tooth-and-nail to protect his assets in his divorce from Aduke - even asking her to pay him back millions of dollars for the renovations made to their shared residences.

When it's built into the story, it's Schrdinger's Gun.

You could argue this is the creators' decision to Throw It In! When it happens as a result of a mistake or error (mostly in video games) it's an Ascended Glitch, and in the case of a translational error that fans like, a Good Bad Translation.Speaking to the paper in her New York City home, which is flanked by original artworks by Picasso and Dr Seuss, Ms Fernandez explained: ‘I think that, unfortunately, everyone’s perception of socialites has been pretty accurate so far, which is what I want to change.’Her father, 80, owns four residences: A mansion in Larchmont, New York (where Miss Fernandez also resides), a home in Brussels, a palace in Nigeria, and a French chateau that was once owned by Napoleon.He is so private that blog entries written about him across the internet almost describe him as a mythical-type person.Comedian Russell Brand hosted the event for the second time in a row.