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12-Dec-2017 14:21

Figures regarding his exact wealth, properties, and other assets appear to be widely rumored and disputed.Despite Mr Fernandez's extreme wealth, reports say that he fought tooth-and-nail to protect his assets in his divorce from Aduke - even asking her to pay him back millions of dollars for the renovations made to their shared residences.During the commercial break, singer Pink walked by West and reportedly shook her head in disgust.Various celebrities and industry figures, including Pink, Janet Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Joel Madden, Adam Lambert, Kellie Pickler, Ryan Seacrest, Chris Jericho, Jeremy Fall, and Dane Cook, spoke out about the incident through Twitter and other outlets, condemning West for the verbal outburst.At the time, an anonymous source told the Sunday Times: 'Aduke believes she spent 20 years married to a man that has become her enemy and that what she is going through now is an attempt to prevent her existing without him.

Ambimbola ‘Bim’ Fernandez, the daughter of gemstone entrepreneur and former UN ambassador Antonio Deinde Fernandez, has celebrated the release of her first single by sitting down for an interview with the New York Post.

held at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall on Monday (June 3) in New York City.