Ghana internet dating scammers

13-Mar-2017 13:17

This seemed to be one of the problems with online dating.

She resolved to be pickier, only contacting men who were closely matched — 90 percent or more, as determined by the algorithm pulling the strings behind her online search. Back in college, she'd studied computer science and psychology, and she considered herself pretty tech-savvy.

"It is amazing what people will do without conscience.

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It had been over two years since the death of her husband of 20 years; four, since she had lost her mother.

The picture — outdoor photo, big smile — was real, and recent.

Scam & Spam. Top 10 Scams. This is one of the most popular scams in online dating. Nigeria and Ghana are notorious for their scammers and hence most.… continue reading »

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Con artists scam victims on online dating websites out of thousands. Here’s one woman’s story of losing her retirement savings to a scammer.… continue reading »

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Nigerian/Ghana Emergency Scam The type of scam is most noted since many decades in online dating. The majority of scammers who involve in this process have Nigeria and Ghana as their native hence it is specially noted as Ghana scams and Ghana scammers.… continue reading »

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Nigeria and Ghana scams couldn't happen to you, right? Think again. Read how internet criminals in West Africa use complex tactics to make you the next victim.… continue reading »

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Ghana, Online Scamming, and the Internet’s Broken Promises. Internet Dating Scams. In her research in Ghana.… continue reading »

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