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27-Aug-2017 09:55

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Come down to Gigalum and join Kiwis in London for Speed Dating!

This is not your typical speed dating event — expect lots of banter, games and raunchy questions.

They have just stepped up their relationship and bought their very own tamagotchi together! Open to Kiwis, Aussies and the rest of the world 35 years old and under. Bring your A game, bring the bants and maybe you might be lucky enough to find your Gazza or Stacey!

Last month Gazza found his true Netflix and Chill partner, Stacey. Be prepared to throw your inhibitions to the wind as you battle it out in the game we call love* (*we cannot be held accountable for any wounds that you may receive)ENTRY IS £5 but FULLY REDEEMABLE with a drink at the bar.

Or just looking for someone to buy you presents over Christmas?

If that sounds like you, then speed dating could be your answer!

After 3 HUGELY successful speed dating events, we are back again for Kiwis in London for Speed Dating!