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23-Nov-2017 19:01

Ginnifer Goodwin explained what's behind her character's parental worries this season on "Once." PHOTOS: 'Once Upon A Time' Season 4: Scenes From The 'Breaking Glass' Episode "I think it's because she put Emma in a wardrobe… and then she physically had -- Neal was swept up from her arms by the Wicked Witch last season, so I think there's like a physical need to hold tight and I also think that given what happened to Emma, I think that she thought that having a baby was gonna sort of make up for what happened before and that there would be like an [alleviating] of the guilt, but instead, she doesn’t really feel suddenly deserving somehow… of Neal at all," Ginnifer said on the set last week.

"She believes that she needs to be like this ridiculously, unrealistically perfect multi-tasking mayor mother and that if she can't do everything, it's almost like she shouldn't be allowed to do anything and so she's also scared to ask for help," the actress continued.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Seth Rogen Other guest at the event included Sarah Silverman, James Corden, Kaley Cuoco and fiance Karl Cook, Nick Kroll, Ike Barinholtz, Craig Robinson, Jon Lovitz, Jennifer Morrison, and Caroline D’Amore.

Jennifer Morrison talks to Metro about her latest role as Snow White’s daughter in Once Upon A Time, being friends with Angelina Jolie and why she found it weird hearing Hugh Laurie’s British accent. ’ She’s also really Emma’s first friend, and Emma is still a kid, because she hasn’t grown in a way where she’s emotionally an adult.

I’ve been getting sick a lot lately and that’s because I’ve been going, going, going. You always feel like you’re in your last job and that someone is going to catch on to the fact that you have no idea what you’re doing.

But then you realise at some point, ‘I guess no one knows what the heck they’re doing, we’re all just figuring it out as we go’. I feel that, with the amount of films out there, I could watch movies all day and all night and still never catch up to the movies that I’d like to see.

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Has working in the business for such a long time demystified the cult of celebrity for you?It would always feel so weird when we would do a press event or something.He’d be speaking with a British accent and we’d all say: ‘Come on, don’t put on that accent! He had such a joy for life and was such a central part of our social life out here in Vancouver, where we film.I was on salary for six months with a lovely group of girls, all of whom I still know. But you’re not lining up with the masses to say ‘hi’? I’m not adding myself to that list of crazy people who are like: ‘Don’t you remember me?

The fantastical fairy tale series is hitting the reset button for season seven, resulting in a significantly different cast, among other things.

’ Your on-screen boyfriend in Once Upon A Time, Jamie Dornan, has left the programme. He always found a new little pub with a great new beer, and we all got into playing this arcade game, Big Buck Hunter, because he loved playing it.