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27-May-2017 01:57

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An R&B singer refused to kiss a man who thinks he’s a woman, and now the singer is being labeled transphobic, a growing trend as the transgender community demands not only tolerance, but also affirmation, approval, and dating rights.Ginuwine, a contestant on “Celebrity Big Brother UK,” found himself on the receiving end of what could be classified as sexual harassment when housemate and transgender woman India Willoughby tried to kiss him after he said he wouldn’t date a trans person. Dl P5JL — TV One (@tvonetv) January 10, 2018 Irrespective of how nasty India is, (& she hates other trans ppl too), does Ginuwine know how much he's insulted ALL trans women by saying he'd never date a trans woman.They get onto online dating sites and classify themselves as women, go out on a date, and don’t tell the man their true sex.

” Instead, some think the straight man is at fault for not complying with the other’s advances in this situation simply because the aggressor is a transgender person.

Their blossoming relationship has branded a 'showmance' by their fellow housemates and viewers. 'And I think if I really like someone, I'll make it official early because I want them to know where I stand and I wanna know where they stand. They literally couldn't be less interested in each other, but yet they constantly try to look crazy in love, to quote Beyonce. However, a third leapt to Ashley's defence, penning: 'Ashley fancies Ginuwine and is in a house with him all day with nothing to do sometimes, are the haters telling me they wouldn't be cuddling and stuff if they were in the same position as her?

And now Ashley James, 30, has revealed that she is 'seeing' American R&B singer Ginuwine, 47, on Thursday night's installment of Celebrity Big Brother. I would.'Earlier in the show, viewers were left in hysterics after the show's voiceover star Marcus Bentley made a tongue-in-cheek remark about Ginuwine's love life.

you played the role of protector and my true friend ... and that love, mutual respect, and friendship has always remained... and can't imagine life without you." Solé, 43, met the now 56-year-old Professor Griff almost three decades ago when she was in a girl group called Divine, and they would cross paths at shows.

"you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. life's hurts and disappointments, tragedy and triumph, successes and failures, ups and downs...

' Smiling: Speaking to fellow housemate Andrew Brady in the garden, the former Made In Chelsea star opened up about taking her and Ginuwine's (pictured above) relationship to the next level despite having yet to go on a date'I don't know,' he began again. I wanted us to still be able to get together but then go off on our own space.'He revealed he bought a 'huge' house for them and would go 'days without seeing his ex-wife despite them living together at the time.