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09-Jul-2017 17:00

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it got resolved and started serving the pages when there were some changes requested by client (mostly css and JS updates), we updated the files via FTP but its not getting reflected. For anyone else that may encounter this issue, I found documentation for Go Daddy Word Press hosting cache that says to add this parameter to the end of you website URL to develop/make updates without caching - Example:

when searched we got the below link to clear cache but its outdated as we can't see any associated options at godaddy account panel. pc_split_value=4 Now we are in a stage that updates are done but not able to publish it to live version of site. nocache=1 Documentation from Go Daddy found here: https:// Additional info regarding Go Daddy's "Flush Cache" feature on wordpress hosted sites: Go Daddy limits the amount of "Flush Cache" submissions within a specific timeframe.

These types of plugins speed up sites by showing a temporary cache.

It is possible that such a plugin conflicts with your hosting account.

Usually it’s less time than that, and in fact, if you set up the hosting of the domain the same time you changed the host records for the domain, it should happen in much less time than the changing of that A record. Eventually, the old hosting account will let go of the domain and the new account can take it. What you’ll want to do is enter your website domain into this site and then compare the IP address that comes up with the one in your hosting account. You’ll need to point your domain name’s DNS to the new IP address.

Normally if you see the “pageok” error, the changes to the host record have gone through, and if you set it up properly, it is now pointing to your hosting location. If it’s an option, you may want to remove the domain from the old hosting account and delete the account.

Once we deployed the actual site after development, the site was still serving the old homepage from some cache but inner pages can be accessed via absolute URL's.

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0;elseif(b){if(this.o)for(d=0;c=this.o[d ];)a=Jh(c,a);c=this. I found sources of this plugin and created a small file to clear cache. I placed it to /wp-content/themes/mytheme/Then you need to open this by URL. However, now they pretend they do not cache anything, yet a page source reveals the cached stylesheets and the javascript to stop the real one from loading. On the phone right now, they pretend and make one jump up and down to 'solve the issue'. This will also reduce the back and forth of flushing the cache.

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